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This beautiful journey formally started in 2000, with telling stories to students of English in government schools.

Much later, in 2008 with a handful of children in the local neighborhood in a lovely little place called Deolali, in Maharshtra, India, was the first storytelling camp. We hoped at least 15 children would turn up. And we had to refuse registrations after we crossed 25 on Day one itself !

3 to 15 year olds, came together for 3 hours every day, for 3 weeks. We all got infected with the love of stories, music, dance, craft and laughter. We even performed for the parents on the final day. This small attempt was a big hit :)

We then came to tell stories to children in the capital city of Hyderabad.

Soon we grew to telling stories to children across the Telangana-Andhra Pradesh, and later across the country.

And now we tell stories to hundreds and thousands of children and grown ups, all over the world.

From 2 year olds to a 102 year olds. We tell stories to all age groups.

housewives to businessmen, teachers and principals, and corporate executives and management heads, artists and academicians, and more.

We also craft storytelling performances for specific contexts and themes.

Such as stories about rock conservation, and stories for bring-your-kids-to-the-workplace-day

We tell stories to each and every one who cares to hear and is curios to listen.

At schools, libraries, colleges, universities, corporate offices, and cultural centers

At festivals, conferences, seminars, and other gatherings

At heritage sites, by the sea, on the rocks, on the road, in the garden, under the tree, even around a bonfire

We tell stories everywhere - cities and towns, government and private institutions

With music, movement, and masti.

We believe storytelling needs to be woven with music, and dance, drawings and drama.

Most importantly , we tell stories with constant interaction and active participation from you...the audience.

Whom would we tell if you didn't listen ? !

The Story

Reach out to each other with stories and songs, love and laughter.

This is what we dream, we love, and we do.

An enchanting world of storytelling, where we fly on the wings of words and travel together.....

  • to unseen lands,
  • meet unknown people,
  • visit the forgotten past,
  • or escape into the future.

We like to share stories and smiles, make friends and grow together.