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Scholastic 90th Anniversary celebrations, Hyderabad at Chaitanya Vidyalaya (open-to-public event, heterogeneous crowd of about 400- children, young adults, parents, educational staff of schools)

We will have many more sessions together in the future- Biplob, Schalistic

You were excellent and kept the entire audience glued all through- Principal, Chaitanya Vidyalaya

Even we were engrossed and enjoying and listening like little children- Parents

You were not good, you were excellent - Parent

My daughter enjoyed your story immensely - Parent

I've heard storytellers across India. You are very good. Secretary, Sanghamitra School

You were excellent. Looking forward to working together- Coordinators, Jain Toddler's

  • I loved your story aunty

  • I remember the whole story aunty and will go and tell my friends

  • We really enjoyed your session aunty

  • Aunty when are you telling stories again?

  • Children n young adults

The story being told in a rhyme form. Absolutely simple but very effective words. The story has a flow which you would love to read again and again and again.

The story being told in a rhyme form. Absolutely simple but very effective words. The story has a flow which you would love to read again and again and again.

The CD that comes along with the book. Deepa's super voice, simple music and the voice modulation that Deepa brings about in the story, makes the CD a treasure. It is an awesome way to make children read. While Deepa tells the story, a child who is learning to read can read along.

I would definitely recommend this one.

In this workshop I learnt that it is important to express and articulate not only with words but with your voice and body language too, by walking out of your comfort zone, define each character of your story, describe details, know your content, sing songs and make your audience part of your story.

A great workshop that gave me confidence that the art of story telling can be learnt and mastered with practice, knowledge and guidance.

Deepa is the best story teller I have met so far and at same time she is very encouraging and pushes her students out of their comfort zone to create magic through stories :)

IT Professional and mother of a highly energetic 3 year old boy

Cannot thank you enough for facilitating the program. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Will definitely recommend everyone to take it up.

Soft skills trainer and mother

Deepa, It was such a pleasure and joy to be the part of your workshop.

Each one of us has the ability and resources needed to succeed and to achieve their desired outcomes.- This part of ours was tapped into, during the workshop. You helped us to push the envelope in becoming better story tellers.

I loved the workshop and learnt a lot from it. Looking forward to attending your sessions in future

Soft skills trainer


Storytelling for sentising the community, especially children on the nees for conservation of rocks

The response at the Story-telling was tremendous - we had close to 200 audience. Never thought our space of rocks, trees and grass would hold so many people. And about half of them were children whose interest in the rocky surroundings was awakened and fortified by Deepa's impressive rendering and enacting of her stories of rocks and mountains.

Thanks to Deepa again, and to all who helped execute the programme!


Society to Save the Rocks


Deepa Kiran's 'Art of Storytelling' workshop at CCRT as part of the Puppetry in education, for the government school teachers have been highly appreciated by the participants who are government schools teachers from across the country.

Deepa gets the pulse of the audience connects to her multi-lingual audience with ease and conveys precisely and powerfully, tools and techniques of the art of storytelling. The teachers are both motivated and equipped to implement storytelling in their classrooms.

Mr Reddy, Head, CCRT Hyderabad , Ministry of Culture, Government of India

Dear Deepa Kiran

Every day we come across so many people some of them we forget in minutes but, some of them leave a deep impression in us. We take our trainings very seriously but above all, we bond with some of our trainers for life. One such person is you. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us, we are thoroughly motivated to take on the new academic year heads on.


I am happy to share that the guest lecture on 'Storytelling in English Language Studies' as part of the Refresher course for the English lecturers held at University of Hyderabad was well received by the participants. The session helped develop an understanding of the significance of storytelling in language classrooms. The participants also gained knowledge of methods for practical implementation of the same in the classroom.

Thank you for the engaging and purposeful session.

Dr Sailaja Pingali, Head of English Language Studies, University of Hyderabad

Dear Deepa,

I take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of entire Epistemo family, for an enriching training session on story telling. I believe we all in some way are on the look for a meaningful emotional experience and during the course of your session, we experienced it firsthand.

I could see so much laughter, sharing and open talking around campus today. The magic wand worked and your inspiration will continue weaving its magic around Epistemo classrooms, surely not confined only to here.



Storytelling has always been a critical part of communication. Deepa Kiran has made this possible in our school by conducting a two day workshop on storytelling on the 3 rd and 10 th of Dec. Her activity based approach kept all the teachers involved and focused throughout the session. Her enthusiasm added with rhythm and expression into every sentence made even a simple story sound like a great story. Teachers thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and were able to implement them in their classrooms. We look forward for more of such sessions and wish her all the best.


The storytelling workshop by Deepa Kiran for the teachers was definitely fruitful. The excercises helped teachers explore, open up and become aware of both the power and techniques of storytelling. The impact is visible in the classroom. The teachers were confident enough to translate more effectively,to the classroom, taking the students to an imagination world. The various nuances of storytelling like using the gestures, voice modulations, props are the learnings. Incorporating music and dance added its own quality to the narrations. This indeed was a variety and welcoming to the students.Dynamic and thoroughly professional Ms Deepa Kiran, could instill such great values in our teachers, developing their skill of storytelling effectively.


The story-telling workshop conducted by Deepa Kiran was indeed a delightful, inspiring, and educational experience for our M.A. students, as well as for me personally. It served as an urgent reminder to us to incorporate traditional practices of our country which immensely enrich the teaching-learning process, which are conspicuous by their near total absence in mainstream education today.

Dr. Suneet Varma, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi.